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The Clear Alternative To Braces
Why Choose Invisalign®?
Most people want a perfect smile and healthy bite but do not want to wear metal or even clear braces. Dr. Power knows that today’s orthodontic treatment needs to keep up with society’s demand for convenience and aesthetic options for straightening your teeth. Dr. Power achieves this with Invisalign, a series of clear aligners that are a virtually invisible way to straighten your teeth and correct your bite without braces and wires.

More than merely an aesthetic procedure, Invisalign® is also used to align the mouth and teeth. For cosmetic cases, Invisalign can be a conservative approach to help keep the teeth aligned which can make other procedures more conservative in the future. For those with crooked or crowded teeth, Invisalign® is helpful not only in producing a more attractive smile, but in maintaining better oral hygiene. Crooked and crowded teeth are harder to clean, which gives them a tendency to decay faster and lose bone more quickly. By fixing those issues, it becomes much easier to keep the teeth cleaner.
The Worlds Most
Advanced Clear Aligner System
Invisalign® treatment is the most advanced orthodontic system in the world, with innovations no other clear aligner can claim. Only Invisalign clear aligners are made from proprietary SmartTrack® material, so they provide a better fit and move your teeth more precisely.
Live Life the Way You Want
Easily Maintain Oral Hygiene
No brackets. No wires. Few food restrictions. With virtually invisible Invisalign® clear aligners, you keep living your life while you transform your smile.
While you’re straightening your teeth with Invisalign® clear aligners, you can keep brushing and flossing like you always do.
You Can Remove the Aligners for Meals, and to Brush and Floss
Convenient, and Fits Your Busy Lifestyle
Flexibility to Remove Your Aligners for Important Events
Dr. Power Is an
Invisalign Preferred Provider
​​Keeping Your Teeth Clean and Healthy Is Much Easier
If you’re looking for an orthodontist for either you or your child, and want a Invisalign® Preferred Provider that you can trust, we welcome you to contact us! As a Invisalign® Preferred Provider, Dr. Power is an orthodontist that ranks well among the Invisalign organization.
Experience matters when choosing an orthodontist for your Invisalign® treatment. The magic of Invisalign® is not in the aligners, but in the overall smile design and movement of each individual tooth that Dr. Power prescribes based on your facial proportions.

Dr. Power is the artist and Invisalign® is the brush she uses to craft the smile that is perfect for you.  Dr. Power is proud to be a respected Invisalign® & Invisalign®~teen Preferred Provider on the Treasure Coast of Florida.
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Removable ~ Comfortable ~ Nearly Invisible
Removable ~ Comfortable ~ Nearly Invisible
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