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Take a Virtual Tour of Power Orthodontics Office

Why Choose
​Power Orthodontics?

​​Our clean design ensures that our patients’ comfort comes first. We are equipped with the latest technology, to offer the best results every time.​
Power Orthodontics features a designed patient area to relax, motivate, and inspire. Dr. Power will individualized treatment you deserve in her state-of-the-art facility.​​
One of the Most Modern Orthodontic
Offices on the Treasure Coast!
We Are Pleased To Treat Our Patients To An Office We Know They’ll Love!
At Power Orthodontics, we set the bar for exceptional, personalized Orthodontic treatment at an affordable price.

Dr. Power combines the latest technology and forward thinking with an impeccable eye for detail to craft a smile that is unique and beautiful for each person.
Take a Virtual Tour
​of Our Office
Take a Virtual Tour
​of Our Office